How to Find a Dental Practice for Your Family

Dec 22 2016

good dentist for your family

When it comes to our oral care we often neglect seeing a dentist every six months like we are supposed to. We would likely go see the dentist more frequently if we had a one that we trusted, liked, and felt comfortable seeing. That is why it is so important for you to choose a good dentist for your family. How are you supposed to judge these professionals and determine which one is a good dentist, and which one is not a good dentist for your family? You have to do some research into them, their practices, and their clinics.

Start your search for a good dentist for your family is finding clinics that are able to treat everyone in the family. You may have young children, or teenagers, or even older members in your family that will need regular check-ups and dental procedures. Find a clinic that accepts the type of family you have.

Ask about what the cost of average procedures is at the dental clinic you are considering. You will find that there are often large differences in what one dentist charges for a filling and what a dentist a little further down the road charges. You want to get the best dental care you can at the lowest price possible.

Make sure that the clinic you are considering accepts the insurance coverage that you have. This could be the deciding factor for you.

Ask how long the dentist has been in practice. Experience can be very important when you are having procedures done. If the clinic has more than one dentist ask about the rotation, or do you see only one of the dentists. Most people like to find one doctor and develop a relationship with them, and not see a different doctor every time they visit the clinic.

Ask about the clinic's views on anesthetics, and what anesthetics they use. Some people simply do not do well under certain anesthetics. Not all clinics offer laughing gas to help calm the nerves, so if you know that you will need the laughing gas you should find a dental clinic that offers this.

See if the clinic will allow you to come in and meet the staff. The only real way to determine whether or not you are going to like the dentist is to meet them. Some personalities simply clash from the moment they meet, and other people seem like old friends from the moment you meet them. Interview the dentist, the hygienist, and the rest of the staff before you make your decision on which clinic to call your dental care home.

Sit in the office for a short period of time and see how long the average person waits to be seen, and how the receptionist, and the office staff, treat the average customers.

Finding the right dentist isn't something that we spend a lot of time thinking about - usually, you would end up with the dentist that your family has been with for years rather than choosing someone new to go to.

What makes a good family dentist?

It isn't as simple finding dentists in Napier as you might think. Not every dentist office is the same! Some are trained for cosmetic dentistry, others specialize in oral surgeries and family dentists seem to fall somewhere in the middle. You also need to know their training, background and it's always preferable to have some kind of recommendation rather than walking in off the street.

What do you need to know?

A good family dentist will be able to take care of you, your partner and the kids and will hopefully become a familiar (and non-threatening!) face. Someone who knows your dental history and who you feel comfortable booking appointments with is important to preventing expensive problems that infrequent visits can lead to.

Talk to new friends or even ask for recommendations from the local school next time you're dropping the kids off. When you have a few options you can arrange to meet with a couple of dentists and get information on the following:

Professional credentials

Where did they study? What are their qualifications? A Bachelor of Dentistry is required to be qualified at least, and it's always nice to know what kind of areas they specialize in.

Choosing a good dentist is critical in providing the best dental care for you and your family. A good dentist for your family may not be the perfect dentist for all of your friends.